Thousands [47,000] Standing Around

$7.6 Billion per Year x 17 years = $129 Billion EXTRA

a simple cost benefit analysis of TSA would save taxpayers $7.6 billion per year, make air travel a pleasure again, AND SAVE LIVES


There is no statistical evidence that TSA saved even ONE life, and an abundance of anecdotal evidence that it actually made air travel IN THE U S. very uncomfortable, very irritating, AND MORE DANGEROUS.

We are literally the only country (with the possible exception of Israel) which is FORCED to manhandle each and every air line passenger, all the way from Grandmas to Senators, and yet the other 95.4% of the people in the REST of the world (with the possible exception of Africa) have SAFER airlines than us.

To be precise, air traffic safety did improve dramatically all around the world, but ONLY in the U.S., the rate at which it improved after TSA was created, leveled off.

And before TSA was created, more than 90% of terrorist attacks on airlines were in countries where TSA has zero effect or influence (Lockerbie, Iran Air, MH370).

As a test, in my briefcase, I put a six inch long pair of business scissors, where it remained all the way across the world, through previous Soviet Union countries, a number of terrorist countries, Russia and China, every country in Europe, and not a single immigration official (much less a TSA officer) said a word. This includes my now most favorite airline, Ryan Air, who flew me all over Europe without even once peeking in any of my bags.
It was only when flying back to my OWN country that I was almost denied boarding on a U S.A. airliner because of those scissors, which the agent waved all around as if though he finally discovered a terrorist. He made a big deal about calling his boss, and the airline had literally shut the door. When his boss didn’t show up, at least he was able to order the airline to open the door again, allowing me to board WITHOUT my scissors.

AND it is only in my OWN country where immigration officials get away with being rude, crude, and tattooed.


Over the last three decades, only one of the 10 terrorist attacks on airlines occurred in TSA controlled territory, and if our $30 trillion dollar investment in self defense could not prevent 9/11, then certainly TSA could never have (and never COULD) prevent it

It is interesting that of the 4,379 total killed in the WORLD, 685 of them were in the U.S. even though we are only 4.5% of the world population.

Sept. 1989 – 170 die in UTA crash in Libya

Nov. 1989 – 107 die in Avianca flight in Colombia

Sept. 1993 – 136 die in Transair Georgia flight in Georgia

Dec. 1994 – 1 dies in Philippines Airlines flight in Manila

Sept 2001 – 2,977 die in “9/11” in USA

Oct 2001 – 78 die in Sibir Airlines flight in Black Sea

Aug 2004 – 90 die in Russian Passenger jet crashes in Moscow

July 2014 – 298 die in Malayasia Airlines flight in Ukraine

Oct. 2015 – 224 die in Metrojet flight in Russia

May 2018- 298 die in Malaysia AL Flight 17 in Ukraine

Do you feel $129 EXTRA BILLION dollars safer on airlines than you did BEFORE 2001 when TSA was established?  I sure don’t, and NOTHING is worth being manhandled by fat people at every turn in the US.  You can travel all across Europe through Easter European countries, former communist countries, and newly classified “terrorist” states, without a single person manhandling you, or going postal like TSA agents do when they find that 12″ business scissors that you’ve had in your briefcase for 12 years.

Personally, I FEEL safer on an airplane filled with Russian troops returning from Afghanistan with AK-47’s slung over their shoulders, than in a sterile American airliner filled with affirmative action hirees pretending to be concerned about your health and safety who could do NOTHING about it if someone actually pulled out, say, a terrorist airline hijacking tool (otherwise known in the industry as a boxcutter)!

And guess what!  You are NOT $129 BILLION safer: you are not even ONE DOLLAR safer.

http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/2012/tables/12s1077.pdf Table 1077

In fact, in 1999, two years prior to the formation of TSA, there were 499 airline traffic fatalities, almost half of what it was the year after, in 2002, when there were 791 fatalities.  No matter how you wiggle these figures, you simply cannot make a case for that EXTRA $82.8 BILLION expenditure.  But just for grins, and to avoid confusing liberals by using the abstract term “infinity” [read: divide by zero], let’s LIE to ourselves and claim that the reduction of 60 deaths between 1999 and 2008, from 499 to 439, is actually a TREND, and that this trend was caused by this extra expenditure:

$82,800,000,000 / 60 = $1.38 BILLION per life “saved”

Was it worth it?  Sure, if you’re one of the Thousands Standing Around!

Permit me to elaborate. These are actually not US figures–these are fatal accidents WORLDWIDE, not just in the US. As you may suspect, TSA [not to mention the US government regulation that you love so much] has no effect on the REST of the world (ROW), which is 95.1% of the world population. In 2001, the year of 9/11, there were 13 fatal accidents in the WORLD. This excludes 3 in the US allegedly caused by 19 hapless Arabs because this data “Excludes accidents due to acts of unlawful interference”. 

The first point:  

Even though TSA does not have any effect on the OTHER 95.1% of the world, the ROW still had fewer fatal accidents than WE did AFTER TSA was founded.

The second point:

During the 1990’s there were around 20-30 fatal accidents IN THE WORLD, and PRIOR to TSA being founded, this decreased to 13 in 2001. So any major increase or decrease since then is the only way we can measure the efficacy of TSA.

And what happened? In the years 2003 and 2004 there were significantly fewer accidents. But in five of the years there were significantly MORE accidents, and in 2006 there were almost TWICE as many. If the establishment of TSA has had ANY influence on the safety of airlines WORLDWIDE, we have absolute statistical proof that it was to INCREASE the accident rate to an average of 13.2 over those 7 years, an INCREASE of 1.5%.

A better explanation is that TSA had ZERO effect on airline safety, that we WASTED an EXTRA $85 BILLION for nothing, that the sheer terrorism inflicted by TSA on innocent American citizens (not to mention the AMERICAN airline industry and aircraft manufacturers) is a million or a billion times worse than anything Al Qaeda could have EVER dreamed up: AND that any American who would condone such conduct should be classified as an enemy combatant.

Still feel warm and fuzzy inside?


What Is The True Cost Of U.S. Airport Security?

06.30.2010 | Author: flyingfish | Posted in Uncategorized

At the time the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created on the 19th of November 2001 by the Aviation and Transportation Security Act the annual cost of airport security in the private sector in the United States was an estimated US$700,000,000 … or US$849,897,815 adjusted to 2010 dollars.

Presently the cost of “Aviation Security” within the Transportation Security Administration’s annual US$7,101,828,000 budget is US$5,042,297,880… or US$4,152,979,866 adjusted to 2001 dollars.

Not included in the US$5,042,297,880 “Aviation Security” budget is an additional US$781,201,080 for Federal Air Marshals ; US$284,073,120 for the Checkpoint Security Screening Fund; US$284,073,120 for the Aviation Security Capital Fund and another US$568,146,240 for Transportation Security Support & Intelligence.

So…the real cost of “aviation security” as provided by the TSA totals an estimated US$6,959,791,440 â€¦ or US$5,732,282,069 adjusted to 2001 dollars.

Prior to the creation of the Transportation Security Administration in 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) set the security standards for airport security, which was then executed by private security firms that had been contracted by the airlines, or airports. These private security firms needed to meet FAA standards in order to provide security within the airport. Prior to the creation of the TSA, and implementation of standardized security procedures, private security firms were expected to achieve a 95% weapons detection rate, whereas the currently the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s Office believes the pass-rate for the TSA is close to 75% detection of weapons crossing through airport security checkpoints.

Considering that private security firms responsible for airport security were expected to perform at a 20% higher success rate, with an annual budget of approximately 600% less than what the TSA budgets for “aviation security” presently I have to ask this … is the TSA going in the right direction?

There are many intangibles in national security, these intangibles cannot always be broken down into hard numbers … but sometimes the numbers in relation to risk-vs-reward are hard to dispute. There must be some way to bring the costs back in line with the private sector while increasing the effectiveness of those charged with protecting airports and airline passengers within the United States.

Happy Flying!


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