How could any U.S. Citizen who has the slightest understanding of the spirit and intent of the First Amendment as well as 5,200 years of God’s Law, not grasp that he doesn’t have a greater right to free speech than the 95.5% of Americans who claim to follow Jesus, much less the President?

For him to insult the President for simply (and very politely) defending himself against scurrilous, blasphemous, and FALSE charges from several Muslim “congresspersons”, places Anthony Scarmucci ahead of God–because for 5,200 years such blasphemy of both God and We His Followers has received the ultimate penalty.

It is not simply our (including and especially our President’s) right to condemn such blasphemy, but it is our DUTY TO GOD to do it in the swiftest and most effective way possible. This includes all options above and beyond current law.

How could Anthony not know that the penalty must be equal to (or even greater than) the penalty for infidels in Muslim nations? Or that his blasphemy is now even greater than that of the two Muslims? Or that God has a special place in hell for one who bears false witness against any Christian, or Follower of Jesus, and especially our President?

As a minimum Anthony must be denied the right to free speech that he seeks to deny the President (not to mention 70 million of his followers).

What do you believe the maximum penalty ought to be?