Obama's IQ is 71 MAX!!

The simple facts In 2003, three African nations, Botswana, South Africa, and Ghana, participated in TIMSS physics.  The average score for the 5,150 students in Botswana who took the test was 366, of whom 7 scored higher than three standard deviations higher than their mean or 581, and none of whom scored 604, the AVERAGE for Singapore.  This makes the liberal presumption that IQ’s in Africa follow the typical Gaussian Distribution that our IQ’s follow, which is the most optimistic assumption we can make about Black African intellect.  It also ignores that many of the test takers in all three of these African nations are WHITES whose brethren back in Europe (e.g., the Dutch in South Africa) have some of the highest test scores in the world.  The average score for the 8,952 students in South Africa who took the test was 263, twelve of whom scored higher than three standard deviations higher than their mean or 585, and none of whom scored over 604.  So also in Ghana, where the average score for their 5,100 students was 275, seven of whom scored higher than three standard deviations higher than their mean or 549, and none of whom scored over 589, the AVERAGE for Korea, whose IQ Professor Lynn estimates to be an average of 106. Since the average score for the 6,018 students in Singapore was 604 and their standard deviation was 80, only eight of their students scored lower than 364 [the AVERAGE for Botswana], and none of whom scored lower than 284 [the AVERAGE for Ghana].  At best we can say that eight students in Singapore MAY have scored lower than SEVERAL of the thirteen highest scoring students in South Africa and SEVERAL of the seven highest scoring students in Ghana.  We can also safely assume that 8 students in Singapore would have scored three standard deviations higher than their mean or 844 had the test allowed them to score higher than 800. So out of 19,202 African students, less than 19 or 0.1% of them scored higher than 581, and NONE of them scored as high as the AVERAGE of 604 for Singapore whose average IQ Professor Lynn estimates to be 100.

It simply boggles the imagination for us to be expected to believe that Obama was the ONE Kenyan in the entire world who scored not just one but TWO standard deviations higher than a place where NO Ghanan, Botswanan, nor South African ever ventured.  To claim that his IQ is 132 IQ points, yet another standard deviation higher than the impossible, is the height of absurdity.  It would make Obama more valuable as a Wringly Brothers’ Circus freak than a six legged elephant.  Yet that’s exactly the claim that his presidential campaign made, and you should be embarrassed to the hilt to see so many of your fellow countrymen fall for this vicious circus act.
TIMSS Math 1 SD 2 SD 3 SD 4 SD 5 SD
South Africa Scores 264 371 478 585 692 799
# of students 8,952 1,421 203 12 0 0
Ghana Scores 276 367 458 549 640 731
# of students 5,100 809 116 7 0 0
Botswana Scores 366 438 510 581 653 725
# of students 5,150 814 117 7 0 0
Singapore Scores 604 684 764 844 924 1004
# of students 6,018 955 136 8 0 0

Average IQ of Kenya is Only 71

The average IQ of Kenya is 71 IQ points, the same as for Ghana, and 1 point lower than both Botswana’s and South Africa’s of 72 IQ points.  So even though Kenya did not participate in TIMSS, there’s no reason to expect that they would have performed any better than South Africa or Ghana, and plenty of evidence that they would have scored even lower.  The most liberal estimate for the intellectual skills of Black Kenyans would be that they follow the same Gaussian Distribution as that of White Americans, AND that the standard deviations reported by TIMSS are representative of that for all Blacks, NEITHER of which is the case.  We should note that the standard deviations for non-multicultural societies like Sweden, Slovenia, Netherlands, Estonia, Morocco, and Lebanon are close to 70 (or lower), whereas those for multicultural societies like Taipei, Ghana, Indonesia, Palestine, Romania, and South Africa are closer to 90 (or higher).

No Quadroon Geniuses in South Africa

If there’s any place on Earth where we’d expect mixed breeds (“Coloreds”, “Quadroons”, “Mulatos”, “Mestizos”, or whatever other name you’d like to apply to the offspring of Whites who marry Blacks) to illustrate an IQ higher than that of their lowest IQ parent, it’s not Kenya, it’s South Africa where 15% of the population are “coloreds” and the majority of the 4.3 million Whites (9.1% of the population) are from the Netherlands who have consistently scored higher than us on all the international tests.  In 8th grade TIMSS, the Netherlands scored 35 points higher than us, but by the 12th grade they scored 560 or 99 points higher, and in PISA they scored 531 (almost as high as South Korea) which was 57 points higher than us. South Africa’s score of 264 and standard deviation of 107 is a composite of three different races, each of which undoubtedly had a standard deviation of 70 or less.  The 9.1% who are Whites most likely scored in the range of their brethren in the Netherlands, or 536 who had a standard deviation of 69.  At BEST, the 15% who are Coloreds scored an average of their Black and White ancestors, and Blacks there managed to score low enough to reduce South Africa’s score to the lowest of any of these international tests: (9.1% x 536) + 15% x (536 + X)/2 + (75.9% x X) = 264 48.776 + (80.4 + .15X)/2 + .759X = 264 97.552 + 80.4 + .15X + 1.518X = 528 1.668X = 350.048 X = 210 (536 + 210) / 2 = 373
TIMSS Math 1 SD 2 SD 3 SD 4 SD 5 SD
South Africa Whites 536 605 674 743 812 881
South Africa Coloreds 373 443 513 583 653 723
South Africa Blacks 210 280 350 420 490 560
Less than 0.00003% of any population scores higher than five standard deviations higher than their mean, which for Blacks in South Africa is a score of 560.  IF all 800 million Blacks on the entire Continent of Africa follow the typical Gaussian Distribution, the MOST optimistic assessment of their academic performance, then less than 240 of them scored as high as 560.  Out of 38 million Kenyans, less than 12 would be expected to score higher than 5 standard deviations higher than their mean, which would have been even lower than 560 had Kenya taken this test.  Obama’s not even a pure Kenyan.  He’s a mixed breed and most mixed breeds of most species are of lower quality and intelligence than the pure breeds (otherwise why don’t mules race in horse races)?  Believing that Obama has an IQ of 127 is worse than believing that a mule will finally win the Preakness! By what process did Obama achieve something that NO African of either race has ever achieved, an IQ between 127 and 132 IQ points as his ads claimed?  Where could his White mother possibly have come from to produce such an offspring?  Even worse, if she’s a Russian jew or an Israeli as the rumors indicate, then she’s from a race which scores even lower than Whites, and much lower than Whites from the Netherlands.  Israel (where the vast majority of the population of her race are) scored only 442 in PISA Math, a whopping 107 points lower than Hong Kong and only 36 points higher than Mexico whose average IQ is only 87.  Even IF we would expect Obama’s IQ to be an average of the IQ’s of his Black father and jewish mother, the very BEST we could expect using this logic is that his IQ is only 82, not 127 nor 133.

Affirmative Action is CHEATING!@

California voters consider affirmative action to be CHEATING, which is why we outlawed it with Proposition 209 which actually amended the state constitution for the express purpose of KILLING it.  Obama is clearly left over from those days of invidious systemic racist discrimination and doesn’t deserve the time of day from this putative Christian nation, much less any right to rule it. Why not simply require him to take the normal IQ test which any dog catcher in your county has to take in order to qualify for his job? You can bet that this would settle the matter once and for all.


7% of the population of Botswana are Whites who score similar to their brethren back in England at 545, meaning that the 93% who’re blacks scored 358.  Only seven black students from Botswana scored over 456 and none of them scored over 514.  Therefore, none of the lowest scoring eight students in Singapore who scored lower than 462 are likely to have scored lower than the seven top scoring black students from Botswana, meaning there was no overlap of test scores between Singapore and Botswana. And THAT is even further proof that Obama LIED when he said his IQ was 132.  Many things he said of questionable veracity might be considered just matters of opinion, but THIS is a PROVABLE lie.  Even if all of his other questionable claims are 100% true, that does not absolve him of this KNOWN LIE.  Why LIE about this when it’s so easy to PROVE to be a lie?  He was too busy lying to stop and figure out when to stop lying?  He got away with so many other lies that what could possibly be wrong with one more white lie?  He thought the American public was so badly dumbed down that we’d never catch him in yet one more lie?  He did it just to thumb his huge Negroid nose at us honkies?


We should add that for anyone in Ghana to score 676, an IQ of about 110 IQ points, he would have to score seven standard deviations (7 S.D.) higher than the average score for Ghana of 239, which is a mathematical impossibility.  This is a range where only 137 students from Singapore and 12 students from the US scored. Many specious statements Obama made might be considered by some to be just “matters of opinion”.  But this is a CERTIFIABLE LIE, and can easily be proven to be.

No Black Geniuses on Graduate Record Exam for Four Decades

Blacks are the only race where women scored higher than men in GRE, yet the highest scoring 25 black women scored only 654 in GRE Verbal in 1997, hardly genius category.  And most if not all of these 25 women were most likely Whites pretending to be Blacks in order to benefit from affirmative action.   ]]>

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  1. Mr. “israeliteknight” could find a way to argue that either Einstein wasn’t smart or else, by definition, he must not have been Jewish. Because in the insular world of hateful fools, any fact can be changed, distorted, ignored, or lied about in order to preserve the ignorant, twisted “reality” in which such solipsists exist. It’s pointless to argue with such blockheads, as they will inevitably “prove” that up is down and night is day. For the rest of us, the only thing they prove is that knight is benighted, blind, and dangerously vile.

  2. Your IQ is 0. What is wrong with you? You are supposed to be representing Israel, and you are behaving like a total dork. President Obama is holier than thou, and you will go straight to hell unless you repent, my son.
    Try running a country sometime, it’s kind of difficult. I died on the cross for you, and this is the thanks I get? Racist horseshit?
    Go watch the movie “Idiocracy”. Then watch “In Darkness”. Somewhere, you may learn the meaning of compassion, tool. Go with God.
    That is all.

  3. LOL Isrealiteknight is the type of guy they would go into a theatre and kill a whole bunch of people yelling NIGGERS MUST DIE!!! Then say he was doing God’s work by racially purifying the nation.
    He also wouldn’t publish my relatively innocent comment on his other post about there being no black geniuses because it was too damaging to his theory. He probably doesn’t even remember it.
    ISrealiteKnight=Stupid Nigger that has too much time on his hands so he sits around trying to prove his point while being engulfed in confirmation and availability biases.
    I can go ignorant or Smart or in between. I’m a busy guy but I wanna smack you in the face with your skewed logic.
    By the way whats your GRE score? I hope its high because we be great evidence that a high GRE doesn’t equate to a High intelligence.
    I hate being negative but you’re so appallingly racist and horrendously biased that it’s laughable. It is actually unbelievable!!! You would get a KKK member to say “Hey man! You’re going to far. These monkeys aint that stupid.”- Ridiculous
    What happened to you? Did you get picked on by Black people when you were young and felt like you had to dedicate your life in search of the perfect revenge?
    You’re like “I GOT IT…I…I will prove how STUPID they are. YEAH!!!”
    I am not sure how valid your Asia claim is but I have lived in Korea for almost 5 years and it’s obvious you know nothing about how they get their test scores here. There is about 80% of their education system that needs to be fixed and never copied and every year they are trying to remedy the issues of: studies just memorizing the answers to tests, studying for test scores, not being able to apply anything they learned because they didn’t learn the practical side, poor retention due to too much cramming answers into their short term memory. If you ask many students what they learned just a week before, they will have no idea. There are some really smart people here but it is not as general as the outside world perceives. Anyways this is not about Korea I’m talking about you and your absurdity.
    You can see my blog and it has a picture of me and you can go ahead and call me a nigger. I’ll call you one first Nigger; it no longer just applies to black people, it applies to people like you.
    On that note I don’t give an EFF what color anyone is but people like you give the blemish the whole human race, so I hope your an Alien. If so, come pick me up at Gihuen gu, Sangal Dong 100-14 Bungi, Good Smartville, Yongin, Kyunggi Do. 446-905 South Korea.
    But your not so I just hope you can get better and don’t send me any junk mail

  4. None of it is BS. What schools did you go to in Korea? Name them. What areas did you go to? How long did you go there? Can you speak Korean? Fluently? Why were you in Korea? This may explain some of your background because Koreans can be extremely racist. Not saying everyone is but it is pretty rampant. But, if you could answer these questions, I’d be truly grateful. Just trying to understand you better.
    I am currently in the Korean Education system, not as a student but as an educator and am well verse with the flaws of said system and all the debates about how to change it.
    This is not hearsay or second hand information. So, tell me where you went so I can evaluate your claims more.
    The other part was formulated to stoop down to your level for a bit so you can realize how absurd your claims have been. People who orientate their ability to breakdown their own perception biases and then spew forth such idiotic shit are a major retardation to the progression of society as a whole.
    I know that insulting you and arguing with you is not the correct way to get you to use your powers of deduction in an effective manner. Instead you will most likely continue to erect walls of ignorance as a way to cling tight to pride that you hold in a pile of bile.
    I am angry at you somewhat but I am also disheartened by someone who claims to be so traversed around the globe and to have been enlightened to all types of knowledge, yet they choose to spend their time churning their hate towards a particular group for the advancement of their own negative agenda.
    You have been a rallying cry of ignorance: People respond to you because they can’t believe how unbelievable ridiculous your claims are, not to mention how troubling any such motivations behind them must be. Perhaps you are doing this to gain attention from people . If this is the case, then great job. But, you have aligned yourself with the ignoramuses, nut cases, and cancers of society. Are you okay with that?
    Wouldn’t it be a much better use of your time to find out why you fuddled up your numbers or find the reasons why the numbers are that way? You know when someone has a bias before they gather data for something, they almost will certainly find evidence to back up that bias, even if they are consciously trying not to? There have been numerous people that posted numbers on the contrary of your claims.
    Your claims are so inherently flawed. In all honesty, I can’t believe that even a sensible human being would be able to utter such fallacies and keep a strait face. Maybe it is a joke to you. I am seriously having a hard time wrapping my head around how STUPID what you say is. It’s even more mind boggling because you seem to be able to state it eloquently enough.
    But there is hope for you yet: I believe that you can use what brain power that you have and gain a clearer and concise picture and in turn use it to shed some light. I would suggest that you look at some more data, especially more recent data, with some a group of non-biased scientists who know how to interpret the data. Study up on the ever changing definitions of intelligence and kinds of intelligence; you know just recently scientists have said that the way we evaluate and value I.Q. is inaccurate? ( here is the only source I will give you, the rest you gotta research yourself http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/12/121219133334.htm). Also, brush up on your nature versus nurture, perhaps do some research on the earliest civilizations, watch the documentary ‘origins of man’, and check out the most recent development of genetics and hereditary traits, test validity, heuristics, and explore your internal sources.
    I’m just naming some areas that you can delve into based on your comments to myself and others that might help you gain a more proficient perspective; I believe that you can become a better and more profoundly prolific man. It may be futile to think that you can change, based on the evidence, henceforth but anything is possible.

  5. Ashanti, it is truly a shame that you are around any children, particularly Korean children, because almost nothing out of your mouth is factual, it’s so incoherent that most of what you write can’t be understood anyway, and your bit about Koreans being “racists” in your lexicon is a gross understatement: ALL Asians are PROUD of their RACE, whcih is why they now kick our butts, all the way from semiconductors (my industry) to education to even making our shoes for us now.
    Did you notice how a Korean who didn’t even speak English arrived in the US and within 7 years produced a song Gangnam Style which has gotten almost TWO BILLION Youtube hits, while niggers who’ve been here for CENTURIES can’t even write or talk or sing, and at MOST have gotten 100 millon Youtube hits (and even THAT is pure pornography which God HATES with a passion)?
    The key here is that English and Korean are derived from Gaelic whereas the niggers of Africa who’ve been around 100,000 years can’t even WRITE, and won’t be able to for the next 100,000 years.
    Why is that? Because Koreans and niggers are on the OPPOSITE ends of the intellectual spectrum, with 28 African nations (including Kenya) having IQ’s lower than 72 and Korea having an IQ of 106.
    It was our family who saved Chunk Hee Pak’s life from Dae Ju Kim who had sentenced him to death, enabling him to became president of Korea for 19 years. Samsung would not be where it is today had it not bought my company AMI and the entire customer base which I developed. I know how the Korean education system works and why their 8th graders score 105 points higher than ours and WHY by 12th grade THERE IS NO CONTEST.

  6. Correction. The most popular nigger video, with 145 million Youtube hits (ONE TENTH of Gangnam Style), was written by Eminem who is NOT a nigger. “Dr. Dre” is the most popular nigger video on Youtube with 116 million hits, EXCEPT that it’s main draw is that it features non-nigger Eminem. When searching for rap music, Justin Bieber who is NOT a nigger pops up with almost a bilion hits, tho it took him two years to ge there compated to 6 months for Psy. The most popular all-nigger video is Soulja Boy with 133 million hits AND it took more than 3 years to get that many, one TENTH of what Psy did in half a year. It’s a truly ugly song and video so I’ve got no idea how it even that this many hits. That explains why it has such a high rate of “Dislikes”.

    • you are one very sad Jew,my friend. Next time you go around preaching how dumb niggas , Africans and especially kenyans are, remember what the Nazi believed of you people ..then, my dear friend, you will learn how to shut that big shithole you call a mouth, that you are using to spread your Gospel of hatred according to Israeshit.. oh yea, and Kenyans do speak better English than Jews living in Palestine (am Kenyan and not anti-semitic)..another thing, the only thing why that Korean shit song about condoms hit was because it was ridiculous and everyone (including children) wanted to watch it so that they could laugh at it, not because of it.. get your facts right..being so intelligent and living in a developed country, you could have done a better job, on this than this

  7. Are you confused? In one hand you are Korean, in another you are from Israel (or just love Israelis) and then you are American, indicated by the “kick our butts” comment. So which one or two are you? Or are you some schizophrenic person that switches identities every 5 minutes? I’m really not sure because of the all the contradictory content in your statements, previous and current.
    You know when one has to resort to insults in their argument it hinders any message you are trying to put forth? And, is also an indication that you lack any type of real substance in your argument? It is also any indication of what kind of upbringing you’ve had, you are kinda insulting your parents by putting forth such deleterious comments. I am not sure you care about that as evidenced by the slander and filth you are spewing all over your page, which; as I may also remind you, is on the internet forever. I’m not trying to insult you right now because I have gone from being angry to very concerned. You may continue to insult people by calling them niggers or monkeys, it is a shame that I teach Koreans or whatever other ridiculous garbage you may conjure up.
    If you hadn’t noticed and maybe you just missed my first paragraph of questions, but you failed to answer any of them. Also, that was a horrible attempt to discredit anything I said by saying almost everything out of my mouth is not factual. Please enlighten me to where it isn’t. The only thing you have talked about is the Korean education system, which I still see you have no understanding of despite your claims of being educated in it. When I asked you for some specifics, you gave none. Whatever…
    Next Kangnam style: A silly video that took Youtube by storm. Are you truly gonna use that as an argument? Is this your indication of how smart Koreans are: making a silly video that, even to the shock of PSY himself, blew up and took youtube by storm? I’m not sure you can say that truly great songs blow up on Youtube, as you also indicated the soulja boy “nigger song” which is a silly song in it’s own right. It’s just a stupid argument in general and I even stupider by even addressing it. Youtube views gives no indication about how “smart” someone is or a group of people are. The best songs surely do not equate to most youtube hits. Unless you think Kangnam style is the best song ever, you have the right to do that.
    Some facts about PSY which you were vastly erroneous on: He came to America in 1996 to study and he already spoke English before that, as he came from a very wealthy family and he had of course prepared to study in an American University. His first album was in 2001 and has made four since then. I am just telling you because your “Did you notice how a Korean who didn’t even speak English arrived in the US and within 7 years produced a song Gangnam Style which has gotten almost TWO BILLION Youtube hits” comment is sooo sooo wrong. The other stuff about Africans not being able to talk or sing, I’m just gonna let that go….that was just stupid. Either you are the biggest idiot, are so angry about something that you can’t think clearly, trying you best to make false controversial statements or have some sort of mental problem. Once again, I’m not trying to insult you but those statements indicate only those four conclusions.
    Argumentum ad nauseam:Besides your new and silly youtube argument you have repeatedly just been going back to the same argument which has been proven by other posters as extremely flawed. Repetition adds nothing at all to your pseudo logic. Since these statements add nothing , the extra versions are irrelevant to the consideration and you are fallaciously attempting to appeal to psychological factors rather than reason. I am referring to the whole 28 African nations argument in which your whole false premise is based on, of course.
    Now the last thing about “your” family saving Samsung: You expect me to believe that some guy who is supposedly in the semiconductor industry and also developed an entire customer base in which Samsung acquired and subsequently thrived because of this transaction and whose family supposedly saved a dictator whom reigned for 19 years then was killed because the people hated him and were even scared to elect his daughter recently due to the concerns that she may follow in the shoes of her father, fear which she had to allay by vehemently denying to follow, is also same man who is so emotionally and socially retarded that he would blather and smear this shit all over his blog and must not have a coherent thought in his whole mental spectrum, which would lead to being motivated and following down a path of loosely connecting skewed data, data that was proficiently refuted and proved false but other posters, are one in the same? I hope you can follow that. Not to mention having the time to conceive of such bullshit. How can they be one and the same? It seems highly unlikely that a sane and credible person that can function in society and have such achievements would at the same time spend his time focus on producing such garbage on the internet. It just doesn’t make sense, unless you have some kind of mental disorder; in which case, I still don’t think you would be doing all that you claim to be.
    You are either stuck in your own nightmare/fantasy world or an extremely confused and incoherent individual who has nothing better to do than to put forth his nonsensical agenda. In either case I feel sorry for you, there is no reason to continue you on beyond these words.
    As far as me being a highly reputed and recommended educator in South Korea, this is just fact and reality, it can’t really be argued. But it can be argued that you are calling Koreans idiots in some sort of way by saying it’s a shame that I am teaching in Korea. Do you need me to explain why? I hope not.
    Please continue to respond and adhere to your false sense of dignity in your imaginary world of niggers that are all so stupid that they should be in group homes. Where Africans have contributed nothing to society in all their history. Where they should be wiped off the face of the planet or regulated to the jungle and to swing around trees with all the other primates. There is no reason to continue with you. I lost hope for you, you can not change (which shows a lack of intelligence, I might add).
    God bless you and I’ll pray for you.

    • I had breakfast with Bill Clinton this morning (along with one of the Samsung presidents) where the topic was SUPPOSED to be technology and consumer electronics. He spent about three minutes on those topics, and then launched into his all time favorites: 1) how less racist, sexist, and homophobic we are after his reign, 2) why we need ever more gun control even though he cannot show how even ONE of our *existing* 22,000 gun control laws saved even ONE life, 3) how a putative one degree increase in the average temperature of the world will “finally shut up” us “deniers” [his exact words, proof that he could not care less about upholding the First Amendment], 4) how he JUST discovered [like last week] that cars are so “smart” that they can find Chinese restaurants that not even he knew were there, and 5) how tough it has been for his health care nut wife to find proper health care [though my bet is that she needs mental care more than she needs health care].
      So now I know for sure: he, not Obama, IS our first black president. NO White man I ever met is THAT stupid.
      Re-read my prior post, Ashanti–you still can’t even paraphrase what I wrote, and your posts are so full of grammatical and spelling errors that they are incoherent.

    • “Next Kangnam style: A silly video that took Youtube by storm. Are you truly gonna use that as an argument? ”
      No, not at all. the REAL argument (about how STUPID niggers are) is that no nigger country in the last 100,000 years has ever developed a semiconductor, whereas Korea, which was a third world nation when I moved there during the Syngman Rhee revolution, is now a generation ahead of Japan, who is two generations ahead of us, which is WHY both Korea and Japan now KICK OUR BUTTS in all types of manufacturing, not just TVs and phones and tablets and cameras. WHY did Detroit fail? NIGGERS!
      The raging popularity of Gangnam Style, along with the GLARING UNPOPULARITY of the outrageous nigger pornography called rap “music”, is a MINOR difference compared to THAT!

    • Miss Lee, I believe this Guy has a syndrome on multiple personalities..he lives in 3 continents at parallel time..I know his kind, we call them #NUTS#

  8. I was trying my best not to respond to your nonsense. Really, really trying but…
    “whereas Korea, which was a third world nation when I moved there during the Syngman Rhee revolution,”
    This was in 1960 and you were there during that time? So…if you had moved there as an infant, that would make you at least 62 years old. In other words, if what you are saying is correct, then I have been half-heartedly arguing with a man over twice my age that can only a quarter of the moon, even when it is full. I expect a more objective point of view from someone with your “experience”.
    This explains, well if it is correct, everything from your outdated views on the education system to you skewed trajectory of opinion.
    I may venture back and drop my true opinion backed with scientific data on the whole topic, but I do feel others have sufficiently refuted your point, as I have stated previously. I was just wishing that you could have used your mental capacity to look at the issues as a whole, instead of just feverishly jumping over hurdles of data to argue your point.
    Anyways have fun with your ridiculous rants, it most give you reason to live on. In which case, of course, I would like you to live a grand and happy and long life (not being sarcastic).
    Live long and prosper.

    • This is how Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of your blood brothers ashanti, views the Second Amendment:
      Known and proven liar Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes the following statement:
      “First, consider the facts as the legislature saw them when it adopted the District statute. As stated by the local council committee that recommended its adoption, the major substantive goal of the District’s handgun restriction is “to reduce the potentiality for gun-related crimes and gun-related deaths from occurring within the District of Columbia.” …
      … [A]ccording to the committee, “[f]or every intruder stopped by a homeowner with a firearm, there are 4 gun-related accidents within the home.”””
      This doesn’t even pass the STINK TEST. Right down the STREET from her “supreme court” is this gem:
      According to THEIR cite, guns were used for self defense NINE TIMES more often than they’re used to murder someone:
      About three-fourths of the victims who used firearms for
      self-defense did so during a crime of violence, 1987-92
      Average annual number of victimizations
      in which victims used firearms to defend
      themselves or their property
      Attacked Threatened
      Total offender offender
      All crimes 82,500 30,600 51,900
      Total violent crime 62,200 25,500 36,700
      With injury 12,100 7,300 4,900
      Without injury 50,000 18,200 31,800
      Theft, burglary,
      motor vehicle theft 20,300 5,100 15,200
      According to John Lott, that figure is closer to 80 to one. iow, for every one gun used to murder someone, 9 crimes were prevented, and seven of those 9 crimes were violent crimes. So WITHOUT those guns used for self defense, the murder rate in the US, which is already a trend setter, would have been SEVEN times higher, or 35 murders per 100,000 population
      * Roughly 16,272 murders were committed in the United States during 2008. Of these, about 10,886 or 67% were committed with firearms.[11]
      * A 1993 nationwide survey of 4,977 households found that over the previous five years, at least 0.5% of households had members who had used a gun for defense during a situation in which they thought someone “almost certainly would have been killed” if they “had not used a gun for protection.” Applied to the U.S. population, this amounts to 162,000 such incidents per year. This figure excludes all “military service, police work, or work as a security guard.”[12]
      * Based on survey data from a 2000 study published in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology,[17] U.S. civilians use guns to defend themselves and others from crime at least 989,883 times per year.[18]
      * A 1993 nationwide survey of 4,977 households found that over the previous five years, at least 3.5% of households had members who had used a gun “for self-protection or for the protection of property at home, work, or elsewhere.” Applied to the U.S. population, this amounts to 1,029,615 such incidents per year. This figure excludes all “military service, police work, or work as a security guard.”[19]
      * A 1994 survey conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that Americans use guns to frighten away intruders who are breaking into their homes about 498,000 times per year.[20]
      * A 1982 survey of male felons in 11 state prisons dispersed across the U.S. found:[21]
      • 34% had been “scared off, shot at, wounded, or captured by an armed victim”
      • 40% had decided not to commit a crime because they “knew or believed that the victim was carrying a gun”
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    Let me also add an interesting fact. By defeinition the IQ of 70 is at the very border of the Mental retardation (MR) and Borderline mental disability.
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