a necessary evil


all* vouch for is that what your filthy “church” SAYS, what it DOES, and the OUTCOME, are three entirely separate species. Even algae can vouch for that. Your “church” SAYS that it opposes abortion and divorce and murder. Who KNOWS what it DOES in the background to produce just the OPPOSITE, which is the WORLD’S {not just the country’s} undisputed HIGHEST abortion and divorce and murder rates. TO WIT: http://fathersmanifesto.net/cp.htm · The abortion rate per 1000 women in mostly Catholic states like Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey EXCEEDS 40, while it’s less than 10 (one quarter as much abortion) in less Catholic states like Utah, North Dakota, and South Dakota. · Ditto for divorce rates which are 50% higher in ALL mostly Catholic states. · Ditto for MURDER rates which are up to FOUR HUNDRED TIMES HIGHER. · And for the incarceration rate of niggers which is up to THREE TIMES higher. New York is right now “bragging” that it got its murder rate “down” to only 6 murders per 100k people. Whoop de doo. That’s “only” 30 TIMES higher than North Dakota, or Singapore, or the Republic of Ireland, or Saudi Arabia. THIS AIN’T EVEN CLOSE TO “PROGRESS”—THIS IS GOING BACKWARDS fast, AND IT’S YOUR ‘church’ which is behind it all. Vouch for THAT! John Knight From: Viva Veridad [mailto:vivaveridad@yahoo.ca] Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 3:59 PM To: Jacob Israel; judyfuller007@aol.com; carpbear@sbcglobal.net Cc: virginiaf.raines@gmail.com; jimmybug@rocketmail.com; algae5636@aol.com; debunks@sbcglobal.net; viva@catlover.com; tdietlin@sbcglobal.net; majorhart@sbcglobal.net; blackexilenow@gmail.com; nikon99@hotmail.com; isaiah14@sbcglobal.net; edpals2@yahoo.com; jmach499@verizon.net; harleymanfl@cox.net; ANTGNE@aol.com; cactuscougar@msn.com; ELLIAJT@aol.com; Hillbillytrailer@aol.com; jgtea@comcast.net; JBoyle10@aol.com; konola@bresnan.net; Lilbigy659@aol.com; Marckie13@live.com; Rockysma1@msn.com; Sirguy2003@ameritech.net; whatnowgop@yahoo.com Subject: Re: a necessary evil The problem with John Knight is that he lies incessantly. The Catholic Church certainly does not hate marriage. The Catholic Church certainly does not LOVE homosexuality. As an observant traditional Roman Catholic taught by Roman Catholic religious persons, I can personally vouch for the above. John Knight certainly HATES the Catholic Church. We can ALL vouch for that.]]>

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