Home of the irredeemable, deplorable racists

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http://fathersmanifesto.net/wordpress/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=frm_forms_preview&form=contact-form   An American woman has a one chance out of 29 of telling a TRUTH about being raped.

Thanks mainly to the National Organization of Women and the “Me Too Movement”, the number of ALLEGATIONS of rape between 1945 and 1992, less than half a century ago, increased from 2,083 to 109,061, a WHOPPING (and unprecedented) increase of 52 TIMES.

About one third (or 769) of those charged in 1945 were found guilty, and in 1992, about one third (or 30,360) of those in 1992 were convicted, an increase of about 40 fold.

Real crime rates simply do not change all over the chart like this. Such a radical increase in both the allegation rate and the conviction rate can be due only to politics. And what we have here with NOW and the “Me Too Movement” is a naked grab for power by Democrats who used all types of false allegations against feckless Republicans who don’t even have the chutzpah to defend themselves (much less their fellow men who they SUPPOSEDLY represent).

The Thomas Clarence and Bret Cavenaugh hearings made a mockery of “innocent until proven guilty”–but they were the luckiest of American men. Between 1945 and 2018 (73 years x 70,000 allegations per year), the other 5,101,000 other men were not so lucky.

Our allegation rate per 100,000 population 1945 = 1.5 per 100,000 population, was alreay one of the highest in the world. Rather than a “Me Too Movement” for women who lied, we SHOULD have had a “Me Too Movement” for men who told the TRUTH, but were almost never believed. This was already a rate almost 4 times higher than India, Italy, Japan, and Greece; twice as high as Hong Kong, Cyprus, Yugoslavia, Ireland, and Portugal; and was matched only by countries like Poland, Israel, Chile, and Mexico.

If we had had an allegation rate during that time equivalent to Switzerland, England, Austria, and Finland (or 1 allegation per 100,000 population), there would have been only (2,350 allegations per year for 73 years) 171,550 allegations of rape in the US, which means that the OTHER 4,929,450 allegations are FALSE, and are due entirely to Me Too Movement members like Teresa Sullivan, U.Va. president, Terry O’Neill, NOW president, Chris Hayes, MSNBC “host”, and Betty Friedan, founder of NOW.

(140 million + 330 million) / 2 = 235 million

We lost only 405,399 men in all of World War II, and yet ever since then, we have had 12 TIMES as many FALSE allegations of rape. ONE single proven false allegation of rape costs WE THE TAXPAYERS multiple millions of dollars, in legal and incarceraton costs, and now multi-million dollar settlements with those who have finally been proven innocent by organizations like the Innocence Project, and contentious legal battles like those surrounding Clarence Thomas and Bret Cavenaugh. What this does not include are families destroyed by such false allegations, divorces, and ruined careers of INNOCENT men, our record high drug abuse rate, and now more than 72 THOUSAND DEATHS per year due to “legal” drugs.

And PROUD of it

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